Commonwealth Strategic Partners Case Study:

Providing a Lift for an Independent Aircraft Mechanic’s Union

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The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) came to Commonwealth Strategic Partners (CSP) frustrated and looking for a change.

AMFA, a growing aircraft mechanics union, never gained the traction or recognition on Capitol Hill and within the Administration that they’d been hoping for. After several years of being represented by another firm, AMFA sought to make a change and started a conversation about their needs with CSP.

“We grew tired of being left on the backburner and given a superficial experience. CSP makes us feel like their most important client,” says Justin Madden, legislative affairs director for AMFA.

Through the increased attention and commitment to AMFA’s goals, CSP helped this independent union become a recognized, respected voice among its more established peers. Thanks to CSP’s experience and network, AMFA now has a seat on the Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC), which advises the Transportation Security Administrator on aviation security matters.

“AMFA’s prominent seat on ASAC is clear recognition of their ever-increasing reputation in the aviation industry. Helping them showcase themselves and earn that seat is one of our greatest accomplishments with them,” says Keith Pemrick, managing partner of CSP.

“Securing this seat also proves a reliable depth of knowledge in their field,” adds George McElwee, managing partner of CSP. “By demonstrating this, AMFA is now positioned as an industry subject matter expert to Congress and the Administration on issues that may not be directly related to ASAC and aviation security.”

CSP and AMFA have achieved other significant victories for the union, aircraft mechanics, and the flying public within the United States. Together they made flying safer by passing legislation in 2016 that requires FAA-certified foreign repair stations to follow the U.S. standards for employee drug and alcohol testing and background checks. They are currently working on legislation (H.R. 5119) that addresses carrier and manufacturer outsourcing practices to ensure that safety remains the number one priority and aircraft mechanics in the U.S. have a steady flow of work.

“CSP has helped us achieve and exceed our legislative and regulatory goals,” says Madden. “We’re impressed with how they maintain easy access and laser focus on our issues, even with a growing client base.”