Commonwealth Strategic Partners Case Study:

Pennsylvania’s Link to the Federal Government

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Commonwealth Strategic Partners has the undivided attention of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s Administration and the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation. During the ever-changing circumstances on the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), updates arrive at a breakneck pace and the team at CSP needs to give both Gov. Wolf and his Administration, as well as Pennsylvania’s federal representatives, information in a timely and accurate manner because lives are literally at stake.

The Wolf Administration hired CSP to be his link to DC, where decisions are made every day at the Federal level that impact PA residents. While not everything is as dramatic as the COVID-19 pandemic, the partnership between PA and CSP is integral to maintaining the interests and meeting the needs of the commonwealth’s residents.

“We are the information conduit between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the federal government and vice versa,” says Keith Pemrick, managing partner at CSP. “On the federal side, that includes the Pennsylvania delegation, congressional committees, and federal departments and agencies.”

With so many people and agencies to work with, CSP’s bipartisanship was one of the determining factors in Wolf’s team choosing them to be their eyes and ears in Washington.

“Our workhorse credentials, our experience in Congress, and the fact that we’ve worked successfully with so many different people on the Hill regardless of party really made CSP stand out among the various options during the commonwealth’s search process,” says Pemrick.

To date CSP has been a trusted advisor and secured tens of millions of dollars for the Commonwealth for reasons such as:

  • Perimeter fencing around Fort Indiantown Gap, Lebanon County, PA, one of the largest military facilities in the U.S. that previously had no security fencing;
  • Elections Assistance Commission work to send out voting information and ensure election security;
  • Ensuring six PA counties would be declared disaster areas after recent historic flooding in order to receive federal aid; and
  • A multi-state study on levels and impacts of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking and ground water.

CSP also provides members of the Governor’s cabinet pre- and post-meeting briefings and staffing when secretaries from the Commonwealth have meetings in Washington, D.C. This includes identifying the most impactful legislators, compiling research, and tracking action items after the meetings are completed.

The strong relationship between CSP and the Wolf Administration has led to numerous improvements and protections for the people of Pennsylvania thanks in large part to CSP’s ability to put the goals of their client and the interests of people ahead of party politics.