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Case Studies

Success is a Team Effort.

Commonwealth Strategic Partners combines the industry knowledge of our clients with our legislative network and expertise to create a strong partnership and winning plan of action. 

CSP and our clients have enjoyed successes in numerous industries, and we are proud to share some of those success stories.

Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association

The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) came to Commonwealth Strategic Partners (CSP) frustrated and looking for a change. The Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) came to Commonwealth Strategic Partners (CSP) frustrated and looking for a change. AMFA, a growing aircraft mechanics union, never gained the traction or recognition on Capitol Hill and within the Administration that they’d been hoping for. After several years of being represented by another firm, AMFA sought to make a change and started a conversation about their needs with CSP.

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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Commonwealth Strategic Partners has the undivided attention of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s Administration and the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation. During the ever-changing circumstances on the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), updates arrive at a breakneck pace and the team at CSP needs to give both Gov. Wolf and his Administration, as well as Pennsylvania’s federal representatives, information in a timely and accurate manner because lives are literally at stake.

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Seeking to establish a manufacturing facility for prefabricated homes in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, commercial real estate developer Greystar initially sought only legislative help from Commonwealth Strategic Partners. What began as a request to facilitate unified support from local legislators, transformed into a deeper opportunity to develop the local economy, garner broad community support, create jobs, and enact meaningful change in the region.

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National Technology Security Coalition

The National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) is the only association that represents the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for major corporations, universities, and other entities. However, until the NTSC began working with Commonwealth Strategic Partners (CSP), CISOs on the NTSC’s Board of Directors lacked the coordination to take their compelling, important, and relevant policy priorities to Washington, D.C.

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Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association

Through conversation with the Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association (PALA) and its national association, Argentum, Commonwealth Strategic Partners readily identified PALA’s opportunities for growth in the area of government affairs. Specifically, PALA sought assistance in raising awareness about its organization and its mission among state legislators. Seeking to draw attention to Assisted Living and Personal Care facilities as high-priority public health concerns impacted by both politics and policy, CSP began by increasing PALA’s visibility and relationships with legislative leadership in the Commonwealth.

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