Harrisburg | Washington, D.C.

In the HouseJanuary 15, 2020Committee on Insurance from further consideration of House Bill No. 913.RESOLVED, That House Bill No. 913, having been referred to the Committee on Insurance on March 20, 2019, and the committee not having reported the same to the House of Representatives for a period of more than 15 legislative days, the committee be discharged from further consideration thereof.(LONGIETTI, SCHWEYER, SCHLOSSBERG, MCNEILL, OMARA, OTTEN, MCCARTER, WEBSTER, HOWARD, SNYDER, FLYNN, KULIK, RAVENSTAHL, BIZZARRO, WHEATLEY, DERMODY, GAINEY, HILL-EVANS, FRANKEL, CIRESI, KIRKLAND, HANBIDGE, SAPPEY, SHUSTERMAN, MALAGARI) – January 15, 2020