Amplifying Your Voice. Achieving Your Goals.

At Commonwealth Strategic Partners our main focus is to get the hardest-hitting messages to the people who can help you achieve your goals. Through decades of bipartisan experience at every level of government, we know how to craft and implement strategic plans and messaging tailored for the unique needs of corporations, associations, and nonprofits.

Our Process: Assess. Plan. Execute. Report.

Step 1

Conduct Client Needs Assessment

We will meet and review your existing plans, messaging, and collateral to determine what your greatest needs are and how we can best help. During the assessment phase we will establish mutually agreed upon benchmarks for success.

Step 2

Create Strategic Plan

Based on the findings in our assessment, we will create a plan that outlines specific action items and assigns tasks needed to work towards our benchmarks. These action items may fall under any or all of the following topics.

Step 3

Execute the Plan

We will use our bipartisan network to promote your issue among tactically chosen political leaders who will be most impactful in your policy areas. Through meetings during which we educate legislators on the specifics and importance of your issue, we can be your advocates at all levels of government, and we can also get you in the door to be a voice for your industry as well. Your passion and our precision will combine for maximum impact.

We will also implement all communication strategies, grassroots efforts and other components of our plan so we continue making progress on all fronts.

Step 4

Report on Progress

Throughout the process and all meetings and actions, we will provide detailed reports to give you information on our progress, offer feedback, and continually check on our plan, timeline, and benchmarks to adjust them for any changes in the political and policy environment.

Tell Us About Your Ideas

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