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Harrisburg, PA

A Keystone To Your Strategy.

Our team in Harrisburg focuses on issues that are most important in Pennsylvania and most impactful for our clients there. Michael Conallen and Sean Schafer put their expertise and effort to work at the state level with constant insight from Washington, DC thanks to regular communication with our DC team.

Through our bipartisan network of legislators, staff and other stakeholders, we get the full PA perspective on major issues and are able to stay up-to-date and nimble for our clients. When we see an opportunity in Harrisburg, we’re able to move quickly and help our clients achieve their goals.

Harrisburg Team

Sean Schafer
Director of Pennsylvania Operations, Harrisburg, PA

For more than 11 years Sean has been a trusted advisor and expert voice on politics and government relations. From working for elected officials to representing clients in the gaming industry, Sean has had the opportunity to hone his strategic and legislative skill sets on high-pressure, high-profile issues for the majority of his career.

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